Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Moving On....

I've decided that this blog has served it's purpose and it's time to move on.  Journey to Forever was my way of documenting Griffin's adoption process, and now that we've finalized his adoption there just isn't much else to talk about.  Yes, I'll be working on getting him a social security number, but that will probably be frustrating and boring.  AND I have a new blog that I can use to bore you with that kind of stuff!

Yup!  I've already got a new blog up and running and I'm so excited.  It will be MY blog so it'll be filled with all things that I love or hate. :)  There will be lots of daily life stories and pics, recipes that my family loves, stuff that I love or want to love, and just about anything else that I feel like talking about.  I'm going to *try* to blog at least two or three times a week, but don't hold me to that.

I have to say...saying goodbye to this blog has me a little sad.  I'm excited to change addresses, but it also makes me realize how fast time is passing by.  I can't believe it's been almost a year and a half since we sent our application to Holt.  And now our son is home and he's legally ours!  Application to finalization in a blink of an eye.

Will you please follow my new blog?  I'll be honest...I love seeing that people actually read my stuff.  Makes me feel special! :) I love it even more when people comment!  It's nice to know that whatever I wrote was worth their time to stop and let me know what they think.  In fact, I'm working really hard to be better about that with the blogs that I read.  One of my many New Year's resolutions! :)

So, here it is!  I hope you'll join me at my new address.  I'm really excited for all the fun things this new blog and 2012 is gonna bring!


  1. I LOVE reading your blog! Sad to see it go too, but I plan on catching up on your next adventure! Promise! ;)

  2. Can't wait to see your new place!

  3. Ive only recently found this blog! So I will happily hop over and join your new one:) I followed your journey on the Holt BB. If you want to know who I am pop over and check out my blog too! I think we have a few FB friends in common.